Wednesday, March 4, 2009

So it begins

A few days ago I dropped a bombshell on my wife - yes, we can move to Melbourne.

It took about ten minutes of convincing her that I had finally caved in. I had been holding out for a very long time.

In fact pretty much all the time we've been together, if her side of the story is to be believed. My side of the story is that I have only become aware of her desire to move to Melbourne in the past few years.

Moving has been quite a traumatic experience for me, those few times I've had to do it. Yes, I am a bowerbird, a collector, a hoarder if you will. There is a deep relationship between me and my stuff. Moving house seems to involve getting rid of stuff. See the problem?

Well now is my time to change. Eliminate all of that stuff that ties me down. Motivated by a post over at Get Rich Slowly, Cheap World Travel and the related Simplicity Movement I am embarking on a journey that, frankly, scares the hell out of me.

My wife, however, is excited beyond words - and that makes it all worthwhile.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to see you go!

"There is a deep relationship between me and my stuff." I feel your pain! But a cleansing once in a while feels great.

"I am embarking on a journey that, frankly, scares the hell out of me." Try moving across countries, continents, hemispheres!

Good luck!

Vivid Images said...

Its the right call Matthew. You have to spread your wings. You will like Melbourne. My 12 years there seems like forever ago but I'm still fond of it, even though I never plan to move there again.

Moving is hard but rewarding. I have moved cities, states or countries 6 times in my life and have never regretted one move. The first 6 months are the hardest.

You'll have a hell of a drive to get to our lunches :)

Matthew said...

Thanks both of you for the reality check :-) I'm certainly not suggesting this is a big move in the grand scheme of things.

In comparison to your moves it is nothing more than a walk across town ;)

Scott said...

I hope you are going to photograph and keep track of your simplification progress. I always regret not doing it when I start some big project. Perhaps you should also track progress using some sort of appropriate metric such as equivalent kilo-armadillos or micro-buffaloes.