Monday, January 4, 2010

Pack up in a day? Not quite.

Today was packing day, after which we are quite tired.

The truck was picked up, though I had to wait with the various European backpackers queueing for camper vans from the same outlet. Nice big 3-tonne Pantec truck. Manual, but that's OK. Small issue of the brake warning light bing on, but they reckon it'll be ok. Hmph. Can't manage to find the brake fluid thingy to check. Deal with that tomorrow.

Have had some amazing help from friends, neighbours & family in working through the house. At various points I wasn't sure it would ever be done - yet now it seems achievable. Just. The truck is half full, the house seems to still be full, despite all the work.

Sydney's ReUseIt community has been great, under very short notice. The MacTalk forums less so, though I did manage to offload a PowerBook Duo 230, Asante Micro ethernet adapter & Duo installation floppy set. There's still a functional Macintosh Performa 580 CD that is likely to be junked. Le sigh.

My office nook is yet to be packed, or sorted for that matter. Then there's the iMac G4 that I've been meaning to fix for a friend for a very, long , time. Must do that before bed. So much to do, so bloody tired.

Then we drive two vehicles with two drivers the 900 kilometres or so from the old house to the new.

Oh crap - I still need to cancel the electricity & gas supply here (and get some switched on at the other end!) Also internet needs to be procured. My plan is to grab an Unwired modem on eBay and use that until I figure this ADSL stuff out (having been on the Optus cable network for internet & phone since, like, forever.)

Jason mentioned TPG as having a good deal - any thoughts anyone? The energy suppliers are a mystery as well. Maybe Choice can sort it out for me. Tomorrow.

Game on

Sitting in my fortress of solitude (i.e. in my little room as yet untouched, mostly, by the madness) while around me the house is in shambles.

We have sent a few ute loads off to the tip. Many ute loads have been spread around to those who will re-use stuff. Vinnies have picked up a bit. Friends the rest - all our garden gear, pots, plants, mulch, potting mix and that list goes on. Toys, the TV, some computers, furniture...

Even my beloved hoard of Classic Macs has gone. As it happens, Reverse Garbage will take any IT gear. What they like will be resold (sometimes refurbished) - what is too old is consigned to this heap, the pile of Chrismas e-waste yet to be.

Tomorrow morning, according to the plan, we pick up a 2 tonne pantec truck and stuff all the remains of our house into it. What doesn't fit, I glibly repeat to anyone in hearing range, isn't coming with us.

The local Freecycle group, or should I say ReUseIt (some politics went on that I didn't follow much) has been fast to take some other stuff off our hands. At least they've promised to. Sydney North ReUseIt. Then we'll have to find the equivalent in Melbourne's (inner?) north to restock.

So much has happened. We have a place, in Northcote. A two bed apartment with huge balcony. Close to the high school we decided on.

So, off to bed for me. Pack the house & clean it tomorrow. Drive down on Tuesday. Unpack Wednesday.

Sounds easy enough.