Saturday, March 20, 2010

That's what I call a great school fete!

Skipping forward to now because waiting to write it all in order is insane. For me, anyway.

Tonight was Miss 9's school 'Twilight Market' which is a fete by any other name, but with more alcohol. Aside from the substantial amount of ink worn by the parents, the eclectic range of looks worn and general mood of acceptance here, the market was awash with the booze.

There's a stall for the (presumably parents) who home brew. They have a bicycle modified with a trailer as the front wheel that holds a keg (or two). These guys were selling home brewed pale ale and cider. Wow.

Beside that stall were the two buckets of drink - one sangria, the other a clear mix with mint and whatnot floating about. Probably deadly - the sangria we took home in a jug as a favour to that stall at the end of the night certainly was :-)

Beside them was the wine stall - you could buy by the glass, bottle or half-case.

Then there is the music - the students performed at the usual standard for primary school kids who have been learning the keyboards, ukelele or recorder for about six weeks (ouch), but they did it in a fun, and most importantly, fast way!

The senior band turned out to be a rock band with an exceptional voice in the lead. This girl's voice actually turned heads. Their rendition of "T.N.T." was so enjoyed (not least of all by the band themselves) that it was given an encore performance after the three song set.

Leaving with the newly anointed (full!) sangria jug was really the icing on the cake, which you could also buy in cupcake sized portions. A phenomenal adult band (the drummer was a school parent) topped off the evening with their bluegrass / swing fusion sound.

Loving Melbourne. Moar like this, plz.