Thursday, February 18, 2010

We are the New Melburnians!

You may spank me like a bad, bad donkey, for I have been a bad blogger. When last I left you, dear readers, my nook of solitude was untouched by the ravages of packing, a truck had been procured and things were, as they say, starting to happen.

If the truth be told, it has all been a bit of a blur since then. Yet here I sit, in an all new nook of solitude, in Melbourne. This morning I walked out onto our balcony to greet the sun (which I find helps my body clock, when I remember to do so) and was greeted by an overcast day and a distinct chill in the wind blowing up the road from the city.

That would be autumn arriving around eleven days early. (Yes I realise that's on the other side of the planet, bear with me.)

It also prompted me to get back to the keyboard. So here I am. Over the next few posts I will fill in the blanks between those frantic days packing up and settling in here in Melbourne. Suffice it to say, for now, that without the amazing help of friends, neighbours and most of all siblings - that truck would not have packed itself.

By my reckoning (which is actually a note scrawled on the fridge) we arrived here on January the 7th. I'm pretty sure we stopped for an overnight sleep in a car park somewhere, so the packing went for another very full day after that last, oh so optimistic post.